There is a very big difference between an observation and an insight...

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If you don’t know where you’re going, any road can take you there.

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Genuine, insightful consultation not only helps guide decision-making...

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What does it mean to engage? To meaningfully engage?
To talk with an audience, not at them?


There’s lots of organisations that talk about engagement but somehow, when all is said and done, they all just sound the same. In this environment, it’s hard for audiences and stakeholders to work out who they should engage with and why. Why should they choose us?



The answer SHOULD be because we truly understand how they feel.
Their perceptions, their attitudes, their behaviours. Because if we don’t know how they feel or what is driving them to feel that way today – how can we influence them tomorrow?


If we understand them, we can connect with them. If we can connect with them, we can motivate them. If we can motivate them, they are committed. This is meaningful engagement. We need to work harder than ever to understandthe drivers of commitment. It’s complicated. It’s sensitive. It’s time consuming.

But it’s doable.


At Essence we are a senior and nimble team of communications experts – and most importantly, a team that is committed to actionable outcomes. In other words, we ensure by the end of every project (and sometimes before) you know how to move forward in the most cost effective way.

Some of our clients

I know that your expertise and experience in the fields of marketing, advertising and generational differences have been critical to the Review’s work. My warm thanks for your work.


Ministerial Review into Recruitment & Retention
for the Australian Defence Force, 2006