Wednesday 13th May, 2020 / eadmin

We now know that COVID-19 will have a lasting effect on how we live our lives, what we think and how we behave  – we are on the precipice of a new normal that we all need to start getting our head around. So how can we adapt our behaviour change strategies for a post COVID-19 world? Mindset Resilience Expert Alison Earl shares some insights into how people manage in times of uncertainty and change and we offer some tips on how you can take full advantage of the work you have already done.

Thursday 9th April, 2020 / eadmin

Ways to help focus in times of crisis

With many businesses and organisations struggling to push forward with their strategic plan and objectives given the impact of COVID-19 on people’s lives, the question could be asked, is this the right time to be thinking about strategy? We would say yes. In fact, you have to.

Thursday 9th April, 2020 / eadmin

Helping private enterprise get through COVID – and come out in better shape

Sadly the current crisis is hurting a lot of people. But history shows us that for some businesses, this is the prime time for innovating and adapting. We know that there is an opportunity for businesses, SMEs in particular, to emerge out of a crisis more resilient and prepared for a changeable future.

Thursday 9th April, 2020 / eadmin

In 2019 Essence conducted our own qualitative and quantitative study into cultural values – and how we might use values to solve our most complex social issues. Fascinating research – not just into values, but how to apply them to influence behaviour change.

Tuesday 4th October, 2016 / eadmin

We were delighted to see our Director Penny Burke won People’s Choice for the Best Speaker at the recent Australian Market and Social Research Society National Conference held in Melbourne. This event is the main conference held for market research fraternity annually, and many industry luminaries speak, making it no mean feat to win such an accolade.

The premise for Penny’s speech was to challenge the stereotypes of the role of research in providing useful and actionable advice for clients, and the nature of respondents that participate in research.

The idea was to explore with high volume participants whether the research in which they participated in fact changed their behaviour or purchase habits in any way. What did they remember of the activities and the topic; what stayed with them; what did they do differently as a result.

Click here to view the presentation.

Tuesday 8th July, 2014 / Admin Name Lastname

One of the most important things Penny has learnt over her career is that building greater commitment is the most critical success aspect for any marketer, whether it is commitment to buy a certain product or service, commitment to behave in a socially responsible way, or commitment from employees to a workplace. True marketing success lies in the ability to deliver functional benefits, but more importantly, an inspiring emotional promise. Penny developed a proprietary model called the ‘Commitment Model’, which you’ll find in the attached eBook.