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Through her consultancy and research projects with a wide range of clients it has become clear there is a growing need for better Employer Branding; a need for employers to place as much emphasis on internal branding as they do on external branding. This book uses Penny’s wisdom and experience together with purpose built research conducted amongst the various generations to understand what today’s employees want out of their work life, and to help employers focus on the urgent need to build a more engaging workplace brand.

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Any marketer or seller should be interested in future trends that will shape the consumption curve.  There, the 6 key global trends in consumerism are outlined and explained with excellent real life examples and a global focus.

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Anyone can facilitate a meeting, but facilitation of a meeting that results in a specific list of actions; in a disparate group of people to become aligned; in a commitment to behave differently tomorrow than they did yesterday – now that’s a skill!  Read about our Top 7 Secrets to great facilitation.