Market Research



There is a very big difference between an observation and an insight…

Marketing is all about building commitment. Our market research model is based on that simple premise. To gain commitment to new ways of thinking, feeling or acting, we have to understand people’s current position.

In other words, we have to engage.


Engagement is the first step. It allows us to understand motivation and beliefs; it encourages input or support; it gains deeper insight; it helps us frame an argument or key campaign message. Without engagement we cannot know the aspirations and motivations of the people whose commitment we seek.

And understanding levels of commitment and opportunities to engage often requires specific and detailed insight via market research.

We’re Qualified Practising Market Researchers, full members of the Australian Social and Market Research Society. We believe research must always assist in guiding future decision making. Too often it’s just a rear vision mirror, telling us what has already happened, and explaining how you got where you are. That may be useful, but too many researchers are too timid to make the most valuable recommendation of all. That is, on the basis of where you’ve been and where you want to go, this is what you should do.

It isn’t easy. The best research comes from asking the right people the right questions, listening to what they tell you (not just what they say), interpreting with sound marketing knowledge, experience and a good dose of intuition, then giving clients what they really want: answers to questions and sound advice for future direction.


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The market research not only confirmed our own perceptions, but provided some surprising new insights. Essence has given us a strong basis for future strategic planning. They are a delight to work with. They deliver what they promise on time in a cost effective manner and with excellent results.

Executive Director, UCA Funds Management